BTS’ Comeback Trailer ‘Outro: Ego’ Speaks To J-Hope’s Musical Journey

Since their 2013 debut, international K-pop supergroup BTS has taken the globe by storm and garnered millions of fans across the world. The group has toured across many countries and were even named on the TIME 100: The Most Influential People of 2019. Though they dropped the EP Map Of The Soul: Persona in 2019, the group is gearing up for a follow-up project in 2020. Ahead of the release of their single “Black Swan,” they debuted a trailer starring member Suga to give fans a taste of their upcoming effort Map Of The Soul: 7. Now they’re back with yet another comeback trailer, this time showing member J-Hope on his path to fame and stardom.

Directed by YooJeong Ko, Yena Kang, and Jihye Yoon, the video shows J-Hope on a lengthy journey. In the lyrics, he narrates his path to fame, briefly touching on events from the last seven years as part of the super-group. He sings of difficulties he’s had during his rise to international stardom, as while continuing to remain positive and stay in his lane. The fast-paced visual compliments the track’s narrative, showing images of J-Hope as a baby then later depicted as a Greek god.

Watch BTS’ Map Of The Soul: 7 “Outro: Ego” comeback trailer above.