BTS’ TikTok Account Was Hacked And Fans Want An Official Investigation

BTS may have been the best-selling band of 2020, but they’re also in the top 25 most-followed accounts on TikTok. That’s why fans were concerned Tuesday when a mysterious video was uploaded to the group’s page, which has nearly 30 million followers. Upon learning that they had been hacked, fans began immediately calling for BTS’ label to take action.

Hackers were somehow able to gain access to BTS’ massive TikTok account, where they decided to make a few minor changes. Apparently, BTS’ account went from following no one, to following two users that looked as though they might be bots.

The hacker then posted a handful of videos, most of which were deleted, that included a clip of a bunch of cartoon characters dancing together. The caption essentially outed the hacker, directing viewers to go to their main account, @o2m.

Fans were obviously not happy to see that their fave’s account had been compromised. Many began calling on BTS’ label, Bit Hit Entertainment, to launch an official investigation and sue whoever was responsible.

However, other fans weren’t as concerned because it appeared as though the hacker’s video was generally harmless.

It was only a matter of time before BTS’ team was able to regain access to their account and get everything back to normal. Both BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have yet to address the hacking, and it’s unclear if the label is seeking legal action.