Camila Cabello And Stromae Navigate The Chaotic ‘Love Island’ In Their Solstitial ‘Mon Amour’ Video

Collaborations between artists can come about due to a myriad of ways: emails, Instagram messages, mutual friends, happening to be in the same studio at the same time, and any other coincidental happenstance. This year’s Met Gala now deserves some thanks for a musical linkup of epic proportions, as Camila Cabello has joined Stromae for a reimagined version of his song “Mon Amour.”

While the song itself is exciting, the video takes things to another level as the two place themselves in the popular television show Love Island. As the tropical bop plays in the background, Cabello, Stromae and eight other contestants navigate fights, hookups, and poolside fun before the video shifts to something beyond this universe.

Stromae told Rolling Stone that the song is about infidelity, specifically a man who ruins all of his relationships. The video follows suit, displaying a character named Quentin who gets caught cheating and has a horrific run-in with karma before he ends up by himself in the villa.

The team-up is especially significant for Cabello, who has been a longtime admirer of Stromae, as she expressed back in 2017 during a radio interview. It’s likely she did not expect their potential collaboration to be of such magnitude, but that is the beauty of bringing together musical geniuses.

Check out Camila Cabello and Stromae’s video for “Mon Amour” above.