A British Reality Show’s Working Hard To Break A Record For Complaints In A Single Season

It is not uncommon for fans to get critical of their favorite TV shows (that’s basically what half of Twitter is, in a nutshell) but it is always interesting to see who is complaining about what. As the eighth season of the hit reality show Love Island continues to polarize viewers, many have been sending complaints about the subject matter.

According to media regulator OfCom, the show has received over 700 complaints (not quite Piers Morgan territory) in just four weeks. An Ofcom spokesperson confirmed to Variety: “So far we have received a total of 781 complaints about the current season of Love Island.” The complaints consisted of viewers concerned about bullying, harassment, and a teen being paired off with a 27-year-old earlier this season.

The complaints are often regarding the stability of the contestants on the show, who are paired off with fellow contestants and participate in (sometimes raunchy) challenges. The series recently implemented various protocols to ensure the contestants are getting mental health treatment while on the show.

Love Island is no stranger to backlash for its drama, in fact, a 2021 episode of the super popular series received a monumental 24,000 complaints after Faye Winter’s aggressive shouting match. Winter has since admitted she regrets the way it all went down. Despite the drama, Love Island is a viewer magnet, pulling in nearly 2.4 million viewers for its season eight premiere last month. Perhaps all of the complaints are worth it?

(Via Variety)