Carly Rae Jepsen Releases ‘Dedicated Side B’ Quickly After First Teasing It

This past weekend marked the one-year anniversary of Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest full-length album, Dedicated. Today, she has celebrated in a big way, by releasing Dedicated Side B, a companion release featuring songs that weren’t included on Dedicated.

Jepsen put out a similar release to accompany Emotion, but while Emotion Side B was an EP that lasted under a half hour, Dedicated Side B is actually slightly longer than Dedicated, as its 12 tracks run for about 43 minutes.

Sharing the news today, Jepsen wrote, “So yes there have been whispers and I’m bad at keeping secrets. Side B for DEDICATED is out now babies and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these tunes. I hope it makes yah dance your pants off! Thank you for all the joy you shared with me on this last year of touring. I owe yah one…or like two albums turns out. ;) For the record, I love all of you.” She also captioned the post, “New tunes for your blues. If this helps in any small way – I’m relieved. Sending you all my love and sharing dis damn side B I’ve been storing in my cheeks.”

This release comes after not much of an advanced heads up. She teased it yesterday with a video that all but confirmed the album, but did not indicate when it would drop.

Stream Dedicated Side B below.

Dedicated Side B is out now via Interscope. Get it here.