Caroline Polachek Is Joined By Grimes And Dido On The Sprawling ‘Fly To You’

Caroline Polachek’s new album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is out today. “One, it can be read as being about the ‘you,'” she explained about the title. “We all know that feeling of falling in love, of wanting to obsessively learn from and become that person. But on the other hand, maybe desire is the thing you want to turn into itself.”

The album dives headfirst into those themes of love and obsession, especially on “Fly To You,” a techno-inspired collaboration with Grimes and Dido. “How I remember, how I forget / Wanted to hate you but love you instead / Violence made me gentle at last,” Grimes sings, opening the track. The three singers trade off verses, making for a sprawling exploration of complicated romance.

Earlier this year, Grimes said music is just a “side quest” in her life at the moment. “I’ll always release music but if it hasn’t been clear ; music is my side quest now,” the eccentric artist explained in a Twitter thread. “Tbh reduced pressure x increased freedom = prob more music just ideally ‘Low key. I’ll always do my best to entertain whilst depleting my literal reputation I hope that’s ok I love y’all.”

Listen to “Fly To You” above.

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is out now via Perpetual Novice. Get it here.