Caroline Polachek Incorporated Creative Bagpipes Into Her New Single ‘Blood And Butter’

Caroline Polachek is having a major day. Not only did she drop her new song “Blood And Butter,” but she also unearthed the tracklist for the album it’s featured on, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You.

Written and produced by Polachek and Danny L Harle, the song softly opens with unique percussion and a bagpipe instrumental, courtesy of Brighde Chaimbeul.

“Let me dive through your face / To the sweetest kind of pain / Call you up, nothin’ to say,” she sings in the sentimental chorus. “No, I don’t need no entertaining / When the world is a bed/ Give me green and ribbon red / Oh, I get closer than your new tattoo.”

It joins the previously released singles, “Sunset” and “Bunny Is A Rider,” which have welcomed fans into her sophomore era.

“One, it can be read as being about the ‘you.’ We all know that feeling of falling in love, of wanting to obsessively learn from and become that person,” she recently said of the album’s title in a statement. “But on the other hand, maybe desire is the thing you want to turn into itself.”

Listen to Polachek’s “Blood And Butter” above. Below, find the full Desire, I Want To Turn Into You tracklist.

1. “Welcome To My Island”
2. “Pretty In Possible”
3. “Bunny Is A Rider”
4. “Sunset”
5. “Crude Drawing Of An Angel”
6. “I Believe”
7. “Fly To You” Feat. Grimes and Dido
8. “Blood And Butter”
9. “Hopedrunk Everasking”
10. “Butterfly Net”
11. “Smoke”
12. “Billions”

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is out 2/14 via Perpetual Novice. Pre-order it here.