Caroline Polachek Is ‘F*cking Annoyed’ Over Getting Comparisons To The ‘Irreplaceable’ Kate Bush

Caroline Polachek took to social media today to clear the air about something that was pissing her off: the constant comparisons to Kate Bush. Her post came on the heels of a new article in The Guardian that called the alt-pop star as “Gen Z’s Kate Bush.”

“The American avant-pop star started out as an indie darling who went on to write songs for Beyoncé. Now, she’s back with an album that could make her Gen Z’s Kate Bush,” the article read.

“while I realize it’s a huge compliment, i’m endlessly f*cking annoyed by being told i’m “this generation’s Kate Bush.” SHE is our generation’s Kate Bush, she is an active artist who’s topping the charts, and is irreplaceable. I, meanwhile, am this generation’s Caroline Polachek,” Polachek shared.

And people had some thoughts on it all. One fan in the replies pointed out that they had called Polachek that back in December, now adding “mb” (my bad) with a skull emoji.

Meanwhile, others who stumbled upon Polachek’s post had some jokes about comparisons and ones that are more similar to Kate Bush.

“well you’re kinda right because ethel cain is the kate bush of our generation mwah,” one wrote.

But when the comparison battles commence just know we still ride for you in this fight !” another added.

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