There’s A Lot Going On In Charli XCX’s New Green Screen ‘Claws’ Video

When Charli XCX released her “Forever” video last month, it was the fruit of a collaborative effort with her fans. The video featured tons of follower-submitted clips, and while her just-released “Claws” video is quite different in nature, there’s still a lot going on. Charli made the absolute most of her home green screen studio for this one, as she manages to pack a lot of surreal visual variety into a video that was made in her house.

Charli previously teased the premise of the video in a Zoom call with fans, saying a couple weeks ago, “I’ve got two ideas. One involves me in a bikini on a scooter, and one involves me making out with Huck, my boyfriend, on a green screen for the whole video, kind of inspired by Shawn Mendes and Camila [Cabello] when they made out on Instagram, because that was really hot and fun. So those are the reference points, but we’ll see which one happens.” It turns out both of those ideas found their way into the final visual.

Meanwhile, Charli recently teased the tracklist of the upcoming album yesterday, writing on Twitter, “update: these are the song titles in the mix for the album: forever, claws, party4u, detonate, enemy, 7 years, anthem, pictures in my mind, pink diamond, i finally understand. there’s also other tracks i still love that I haven’t written over just yet….”

Watch the “Claws” video above.

How I’m Feeling Now is out 5/15.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.