With Her Fans’ Help, Charli XCX Creates A Self-Isolation Narrative With The New ‘Forever’ Video

During the pandemic, Charli XCX has decided to make the most of her self-isolation by getting more social than ever. In recent weeks, she has been collaborating with her fans over social media on a new album, How I’m Feeling Now. The first fruit of that joint effort, “Forever,” was recently released. Not long after the song came out, Charli yet again sought her fans’ help, as she asked them to submit clips for possible inclusion in a video for the song. Now, about a week later, Charli has shared the “Forever” video.

As expected, the video compiles fan-submitted clips, and this method of making the video works to great effect here. The clip serves as a sort of time capsule of this self-isolation era, as it shows people across the world living their lives at home, appreciating time spent with those they care about, and even getting out of the house sometimes. The sorts of clips Charli asked for during the initial “casting call” seemed like a random mix, but with faced-paced and clever editing, the video is ultimately more than the mere novelty stunt something like this had the potential to be.

Watch the “Forever” video above.

How I’m Feeling Now is out 5/15.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.