Charli XCX Ponders The Future Of Live Music In Her ‘Quarantine Diary’

The spread of the coronavirus is forcing people around the world to change their lifestyles. Folks are going out less, which means they have to find new ways to occupy their time. For Charli XCX, that includes starting a “quarantine diary,” and she shared her first entry last night.

Tweeting screenshots of her phone’s notes app, Charli noted that “being a workaholic in a quarantine is quite stressful” and gave an insight into her current state of mind, saying that she feels “purposeless.” She went on to ask some questions about how the live music industry will respond to the coronavirus and what impacts it will have as people continue to isolate themselves:

“Quarantine is also making me think about the possibilities of a shift within my industry. I’m talking extremes here – coz maybe this will all be over sooner than we hope – but if it isn’t – what will happen to live shows? Will the idea of gathering together at a concert or a club or a party become more and more distant?? Will we all be LIVING for live streams? Will live streams get competitive – who’s content is the most extreme / crazy / ridiculous? (Oh wait we already live in this world) Does tik tok become everyone’s EVERYTHING? (Oh wait it already is ooops) Also what happens to the intake of music? Do people want to be fed a marketing campaign? Or is the timing a bit off? Or maybe it’s all people want as boredom begins to seep in?? Does streaming increase? Do new releases benefit or suffer? Are music videos dead because crews/directors can’t travel and insurance can’t be obtained? Are record labels releasing budget to create stuff (lol story of my life quarantine or not..)?”

Read Charli’s first quarantine diary entry above.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. .