Charlie Puth’s First New Song Of 2019 Is The Dark Pop Single ‘I Warned Myself’

Charlie Puth had a big 2018 thanks to his sophomore album Voicenotes, but he’s been quieter this year. He collaborated with 5 Seconds Of Summer on a remix of their song “Easier,” and he co-wrote and co-produced Katy Perry’s single “Small Talk,” but now he’s back with a single of his own. He just shared a video for “I Warned Myself,” a bass-driven single that’s a dark and welcomed addition to the Billie Eilish-led pop landscape.

The track, which Puth co-produced with Benny Blanco, is sparse, with not much going on beyond the aforementioned bass and Puth’s vocals. Puth previously said the song “is about a vicious cycle of going back to someone continuously, knowing deep down that they aren’t any good for you,” and that message is reflected in the lyrics, as he sings on the hook, “I warned myself that I shouldn’t play with fire, but I can tell that I’ll do it one more time.”

There’s no firm word on if this means there’s a new album on the horizon, but Puth himself has confirmed that there’s more new music beyond this coming soon. Last week, Puth tweeted, “Since everybody is asking….I am putting out three songs…first one comes next week.”

Watch the video for “I Warned Myself” above.