Charlie Puth Isn’t Who Parents Think He Is On His Devious New Single ‘Mother’

After a relatively quiet start to 2019, Charlie Puth made his musical return with “I Warned Myself,” his first new song of the year. Less than a month later, he’s back with a video for another single, and this time it’s “Mother.”

The song begins, “He’s such a nice boy, so well mannered / He’s so much better than the last one you brought around.” Puth paints himself as less straight-laced than he lets on though, as he sings in the chorus, “If your mother knew all the things we do / If your mother knew, she’d keep me so far from you.” Like “I Warned Myself” before it, “Mother” is very much a bass-based song, although it has more of an upbeat energy than its predecessor.

There’s not yet any official word on whether or not Puth has an album on the way, but he definitely has more music on the horizon. Before the release of “I Warned Myself,” Puth tweeted, “Since everybody is asking….I am putting out three songs…first one comes next week.” So, there is presumably one more song to come, and it could be soon, given the relatively short amount of time that passed between “I Warned Myself” and “Mother.”

Watch the video for “Mother” above.