Cher Seemingly Confirms The Death Of Her Mother, Georgia Holt

Cher took to Twitter with somber news late Saturday night. “Mom is gone,” the pop icon wrote alongside an anguished emoji. The presumption is that Cher’s mother, 96-year-old Georgia Holt, has passed away. The Hollywood Reporter later relayed, “A rep for the Oscar-winning singer-actress confirmed Holt’s death to The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday morning. No details of Holt’s death were immediately available.”

Cher had provided updates on Holt, born Jackie Jean Crouch, in September. She first tweeted on September 9, “Sorry I’ve Been Mia. Mom’s Been Sick Off & On.She Just Got Out Of Hosp.She Had Pneumonia.She’s Getting Better.” The following day, Cher tweeted, “Home is the Best Medicine For Her…She’s Getting Better.” She also thanked fans for their prayers.

Replying to one tweeter’s well wishes, Cher further detailed what happened to Holt. “96 & was Taking Meds,” the Grammy-winner wrote. “At Home.I Got Nervous Made appointment. Our Dr Looked at her & Said You’re Going To The Hosp. So She Went.C’Mon 96 with Pneumonia,She’s a Champ.”

Cher was optimistic about Holt’s recovery by September 11, tweeting that she had just spoken to her mother on the phone and Holt “sounded like a teenager.”

Cher honored Holt on Mother’s Day in 2013 by executive-producing the made-for-television Lifetime documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher. The 42-minute doc is available now on Amazon Prime Video. The sprawling synopsis summed up the full life Holt lived.

Dear Mom, Love Cher provides a rare peek into Cher’s fascinating family history and features in depth interviews with Holt, her daughters Cher and Georganne LaPiere Bartylak, and grandchildren Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman,” it reads. “The documentary begins with Holt’s humble beginnings in rural Arkansas, where she first dreamt of stardom as a little girl and continues through her six tumultuous marriages while pursuing a career among Hollywood’s elite as a singer and actress.”

It continues, “Holt endures a series of dramatic personal and professional triumphs and setbacks but survived and overcame the odds — no matter the challenge — to successfully raise two loving daughters. One of the daughters would live out the dream Holt could never fulfill for herself and go on to become one of the world’s biggest stars. Dear Mom, Love Cher includes unprecedented access to the family and features a never-before-heard duet performance with Holt and Cher, along with the long-lost recordings Holt taped more than three decades ago that Cher has re-mastered for commercial release later this year, making her mother’s lifelong dream a reality.”

Cher and Holt appeared together on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in April 2013 to discuss Holt’s Honky Tonk Woman album, Holt’s early Hollywood ambitions, Sonny Bono, and more. Around the same time, Cher and Holt performed their Honky Tonk Woman duet “I’m Just Your Yesterday” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Per TODAY, Holt’s acting credits included A Life Of Her Own in 1950 and Father’s Little Dividend in 1951. She had been in a relationship with Craig Spencer since 1976.