A Couple Hates A Classic Christmas Song, So They’ve Raised A Ton Of Money In An Effort To Buy The Rights And Destroy It

A couple in the UK, Hannah and Tomas Mazetti, hates a classic holiday song SO much that they’re trying to own the rights… with the hopes of banning it from existence forever. The song in question is Wham!’s 1984 hit, “Last Christmas.”

Mazetti spoke to South West News Service (via Daily Mail) recently and said that her disdain for the song started when she was at work as a 20-year-old. She is now 33, but it seems the hatred has only grown.

“The owner of the cafe had planned for a super cozy holiday season and had his own made CD with a number of ‘hits’ on it,” Mazetti said. “He was only in now and then, so he didn’t fully appreciate the agony the rest of the staff felt when ‘Last Christmas‘ played for the 111th time of the working day.”

“Then someone told us it was theoretically possible to buy the rights to the song and then take it off all streaming platforms!” she added. “We asked around among our friends and word spread. It’s fun because people either love or hate the idea! Maybe next Christmas will be the last Christmas!”

So far, the couple has raised about £51,500 (around $62,200) from 330 donations, so it turns out that they’re not the only ones who don’t like it. However, the official rights to the song have been reported to cost £15 to £20 million (about $18 to $24 million) — so, thankfully, fans of “Last Christmas” still have some hope before the Mazetti’s try to send the tapes to a nuclear waste site in Finland.

Last year also marked the first time that Wham!’s “Last Christmas” hit No. 1 in the UK, so it seems the love for the classic jam is only growing stronger.