Demi Lovato Has Finally Shared ‘Still Have Me,’ A Long-Rumored Fan Favorite

Last night, Demi Lovato sent fans to bed with an enticing message, tweeting, “Music is always there for me… song in the am.” It is now the a.m., and indeed, there is a song: “Still Have Me.” As of press time, the track has only been shared on Lovato’s social media accounts and is not available on streaming platforms.

The song is an emotional piano-pop ballad which Lovato begins, “I’m a mess and I’m still broken / But I’m finding my way back / And it feels like someone’s stolen / All the light I ever had.” When it comes to the chorus, Lovato finds some optimism, belting out, “I don’t have much but at least I still have me / I still have me / And that’s all I need.”

“Still Have Me” arrives shortly after reports that Lovato and Max Ehrich called off their engagement after two months.

This song has actually been floating around for a while now, and it’s one that Lovato fans are acutely aware of. In July of 2019, songwriter and Lovato collaborator Chloe Angelides posted a snippet of the song online. The song was later revealed to be a Lovato track when a fan received a copyright takedown notice, which identified the tune as a Lovato song called “Still Got Me.” When Lovato first teased her return to music at the end of 2019, fans suspected that the singer was readying to release the song.

Listen to “Still Have Me” above.