A Fox News Commentator Noted That Conservatives Canceled The Dixie Chicks Long Before ‘Cancel Culture’

The Chicks, FKA as The Dixie Chicks, became a flashpoint for a recurring conversation around so-called “cancel culture” that’s been cropping up of late. Conservatives keep claiming that pushback around things that don’t hold up in the light of 2021, like reconsideration around Dr. Seuss and The Muppets, is only a product of the left.

But as Fox News commentator Leslie Marshall pointed out tonight, one of the most infamous cancellations in history came in the early 2000s when the country trio criticized former President Bush for his role in the Iraq war. After their comments, the group lost tours, their label, and were on the outs in the music industry for years. Check out Leslie’s comments below:

Notably, the other Fox commentator, Jason Chaffetz, continues to insist that this is a brand new process and that the band is terrible. “I hated them,” he says, unwittingly reinforcing the idea that cancel culture precluded the current moment. Well, for those who want to revoke cancel culture, at least around The Chicks, make sure to check out 2020’s Gaslighter, a stunning return album that mostly centers around frontwoman Natalie Maines’ protracted divorce from her cheating husband, Adrian Pasar. Including the Youtube for one of the best songs off that record to cap off this post — cancel me if that bothers you.