Ed Sheeran Recalls Not Having ‘Any Notes’ For Aaron Dessner’s ‘Subtract’ Production, But Dessner Remembers It Differently

Ed Sheeran, just days after releasing his new album (Subtract), sat down with the record’s producer, Aaron Dessner of The National, for an interview on Amazon Music. It also had a sweet and funny preview that Sheeran posted to Twitter.

“The large portion of that album didn’t really take that long,” Sheeran said. “I’d say Aaron spent of a hell of a long time producing it, though.”

“Trying to keep it minimal and doing what was right for the songs, ’cause the songs are very emotional and fragile,” Dessner responded. “But we wanted to create a world.”

“For me, it’s lovely hearing songs come to life that we’ve written,” Sheeran continued. “We would obviously do them, record them, and then, I’d go off and just be like, ‘I trust Aaron. They’re gonna sound good.’ I don’t think I had any notes either. You just sent them and I was like, ‘Great!'”

Then, Dessner comedically corrects Sheeran’s recollection of events. “You would have notes. You probably don’t remember,” he added, putting it on par with the “Actually, Ellen, that’s not true” meme from Dakota Johnson.

“They’d be very specific and very helpful,” Dessner continued. “Like, ‘What if you dropped the bass drum on beat four?'” Sheeran cheerfully replied with an “Oh, yeah” as the memories all flooded back.

Check out the short clip from Sheeran and Dessner’s interview above.

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