Ed Sheeran Insists Benny Blanco Peed In His Hot Tub So Much That It Smelled Weeks Later

Ed Sheeran is the latest celebrity to guest on the wing-eating YouTube show “Hot Ones,” and his episode yielded some great anecdotes, like one about 50 Cent. Elsewhere during the show, he insisted that collaborator and Dave star Benny Blanco, despite his denial, peed in his hot tub so much that he needed to call somebody to address the issue.

The episode featured a segment where Sheeran answered questions submitted by Blanco via pre-taped videos. At ten minutes into the episode, Blanco starts, “For everyone who doesn’t know, me and Ed: real good friends. We went to a festival, stayed up all night, came back, got in a Jacuzzi together…” Sheeran then said over the video, “And he pissed in it. He did.”

Blanco continued, “And someone peed in the Jacuzzi. It was me, Ed, Ryan Tedder, maybe one other person. Ed has been convinced that I pissed in the Jacuzzi. Now, just for everyone around the world: I do piss in pools, but I don’t piss in Jacuzzis. I would never piss in a body of water that small. Ed, I need to know: Do you believe me or not?”

Sheeran responded:

“So he’s been going on about this for a while. It might be Tedder, it might be. But the thing is, Benny said to me, as he arrived at my house, [imitates Blanco] ‘I’m gonna pee in your pool.’ And I was like, ‘You’re not going in my f*cking pool, Benny, if you’re gonna pee… He’s like, [imitates Blanco] ‘I’m gonna pee in your pool.’ So, just never let him in the pool.

We went to a festival, Latitude Festival. We came back to my house and we’re sitting in the Jacuzzi. And then, like, a couple weeks later, I go to use it and it f*cking stinks. I get someone to check it out, the Jacuzzi people come and check it out. They said it had so much urine in it that it overflowed the system that, like… cleans urine. So, it is either Benny or Tedder. But, only one person told me that they would pee in my pool, and it was this c*nt.

Watch the full “Hot Ones” episode above.

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