Ed Sheeran’s Bruno Mars-Directed ‘Blow’ Video Is A Raucous, Gender-Flipped Rock Show

It’s now just a matter of days before Ed Sheeran’s star-studded new album No. 6 Collaborations Project will be released. Ahead of it, he’s teased a number of great collaborations, and one of the latest is one of his most ambitious. A few days ago, he shared “Blow,” a team-up with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton that is more of a guitar-based rocker than perhaps Sheeran fans are used to from him.

Now he has shared a new video for the track, and he once again partnered with Bruno Mars on it, as he directed the gender-flipped video. Shot at The Viper Room in Los Angeles, the clip shows an all-female band performing the track in an intense club environment.

Mars previously said of the song, “It was a privilege to work with Ed ‘The Song Writing Machine’ Sheeran and Chris ‘Sing Ya Face Off’ Stapleton for Ed’s new project. You never know what you’re gonna land on when you collaborate with other musicians and somehow we landed on this tune called BLOW. It was so much fun making this record and getting to work with such talented guys. I really hope one day we can all get together again and perform it LIVE.”

Watch the video for “Blow” above.