Ed Sheeran Hammed It Up To Help Courteney Cox Recreate That Epic ‘Friends’ Dance Routine

If you’re a fan of the show Friends, then all the recent reunion content has really been a welcome return to form for the show’s cultural impact, or maybe just a chance to zone out this holiday weekend. Aside from ranking seventeen of the best episodes of the show last year, we’ve also been following along with all what’s come about these past few days, like Lady Gaga filling in for an iconic “Smelly Cat” performance, and those Justin Bieber and BTS cameos — that got cut in China — along with the fact that ratings for the reunion have been incredibly high, like Wonder Woman 1984 high.

But this weekend’s hilarious recreation of Monica and Ross’ dance routine from the episode appropriately named “The One With The Routine” might just take the cake. Enlisting none other than global pop star Ed Sheeran to play the part of Ross, Monica had Ed help her get the retired routine back out of retirement once more. You’ll remember on the show, Ross and Monica were trying to attract the attention of the cameras when they were extras on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. In this case, her and Ed are out in a field on their own, but those classic moves are funnier than ever with Sheeran hamming it up alongside her. “Just some routine dancing with a friend…” Cox casually captioned the post, adding the hashtag #ReRoutine and tagging Ed’s account.

For his part, Ed is gearing up to start a new album cycle with a massive new single looming on the horizon for the “next stage” of his career. Keep an eye out for more new music from Ed very soon and check out the hilarious dance routine above, and compare it to the original up top for posterity’s sake.