Ed Sheeran Regularly Buys Gimp Masks For Courteney Cox And Hides Them Around Her Home

Yesterday marked the start of Ed Sheeran’s week-long residency on The Late Late Show. On last night’s episode, he performed “Bad Habits” for the first time and also sat down for a chat with James Corden. During that conversation, he revealed that he has an unusual tradition with friend and Friend Courteney Cox.

Sheeran explained that when performing in Los Angeles in 2013, he got connected with Cox and ended up staying at her house. Cox gave Sheeran an open invitation to crash at her place whenever he finds himself in LA, so since 2013, that is just what he’s done. After establishing that context, he continued:

“She has this Alexa thing in her house and she goes, ‘Ed, isn’t this wonderful? This is my Alexa. I can just order whatever on this.’ She walks out the room, and… do you know what a gimp mask is? You know, like an S&M leather gimp mask. So she walks out the room and I go, ‘Alexa! Order me a gimp mask.’ And it goes, ‘OK Courteney, I’ll order you a gimp…’ And anyway, so unbeknownst to me, Courteney’s assistant found it. She opened the post and she finds this mask and instantly goes, ‘Oh! I don’t think I was meant to see that,’ and leaves it on Courteney’s bed. And Courteney comes up and she’s like, ‘Where did this come from?’

Anyway, she found out the story, and now every time I go back there, I order her another gimp mask and she has maybe like 12. I hide them in people’s bedrooms, so they’ll go in the drawer and they’ll just find this leather S&M mask. She had two people come and look at her piano to try and buy it, two absolute strangers going into her house. I found out about it, so I left a couple masks on the piano.”

He then gave Corden a mask of his own, so check out the whole thing above.

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