Kids Ask Ed Sheeran Questions About His Money And Other Hilariously Difficult Topics

When a musician gets interviewed, they are usually asked about their new or upcoming projects, maybe also about some of their personal interests and other goings-on. That’s typically the case when it’s a professional journalist asking the questions, but in a new interview, Ed Sheeran faced different types of questions courtesy of some curious kids.

In a BBC Radio 1 segment called “Kids Ask Difficult Questions,” Sheeran faced queries from some filter-less children. A lot of the questions were actually innocuous, but the one that seemed to have Sheeran the most taken aback was, “How much money do you have?” After giving a laugh and an uncomfortable “uhh,” Sheeran explained his wealth (without getting into specifics):

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to do what I love as a job for a long time. I’ve done alright and I would say I have… more than I would ever need, I think. I like doing a lot of stuff for charities, keeping it local. Yeah, I feel like that’s where to put the energy. That’s kind of a long-winded answer, but I didn’t want to just come out… you can Google it and it’s, like, not…”

Sheeran was then asked if figures available online are close to being accurate and he responded, “Well, the thing is, I think people think when they see that amount, they go, ‘Oh, he’s got that in the bank.’ And I feel like no one in the world… Jeff Bezos hasn’t got that in the bank at that one time. Jeff Bezos probably has a very, very impressive bank, but I feel like, you know, it’s all tied up in… stuff.

In 2020, by the way, Sheeran’s net worth was estimated to be £200 million, or about $280 million.

That wasn’t the only question Sheeran answered. For example, he was asked about his occasional acting, and he revealed that his appearance in the movie Yesterday only happened because Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Harry Styles both passed on the role.

The video is an entertaining watch, so check it out above.

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