The Empire State Building Channeled Taylor Swift Following Its Widely Derided And Deeply Confusing Support Of The Philadelphia Eagles

Well, it’s official: the Empire State Building is officially in its Reputation era. And no, sadly, it’s not even an Easter egg for Taylor’s Version yet.

Using the same audio that Swift used for the intro to her Reputation tour, the Empire State Building layered it over a video montage of a bunch of articles and hate tweets directed at them. “We’ll see you at the Big Game,” they captioned the post.

As their social media team have been documented Swifties in the past, this move comes as no surprise.

The drama started after the football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday when the Empire State Building decided to support the Eagles’ win by switching their lights to green. Immediately, sports fans met the Twitter account for a literal building with intense hate that boiled over into real life.

According to a post from someone live on the scene on Sunday, New York Giants fans flooded the lobby of the Empire State Building with two demands: that the lights be switched and their Twitter poster be fired.

Despite the building also later turning the building red for the Kansas City Chiefs, it appeared the sports bros were still pretty mad. Even New York’s mayor got in on the hate train by calling the move “unfortunate.” (The Eagles had previously beaten the Giants a week earlier.)

A few days later, it seems they are not only standing by their decision but are fully making the most of the hate.