Empress Of And Her Mom DIY A Striking Outfit In ‘On Repeat’

While establishing herself as one of pop’s most acclaimed rising stars over the past few years, Empress Of has also been something of a fashion icon. Whether she’s performing or making a public appearance, she’s usually wearing something striking. It actually all started with her mother — Reyna Dubon, also known by the fantastic nickname Latina Knowles — making her stage clothes early in her career. Now, the pair have come together for the latest episode of On Repeat (presented by Uproxx and Straight Talk), in which they transform some jeans into something more eye-grabbing.

As the two work to turn the pants into a stylish top, Empress Of explains how her mother helped her out in the fashion department as her career took off: “I did not have enough money to look the way I wanted to look. When I started thinking about what to wear on stage and I couldn’t afford stylists, I couldn’t afford to buy costumes, I asked my mom to start designing my costumes for stage. After the first album, I was like, if I go on stage wearing a certain thing, I feel a certain way.”

Dubon added, “A costume doesn’t need to be expensive. It can make a big difference in an artist, you know?”

Aside from the task at hand, the video also offers a heartwarming look at the relationship Empress Of and her mother share. While teaming up on the project in front of them, the two tell stories together, joke with each other, and engage in some light back-and-forth teasing. Through it all, their mutual admiration and love for each other is beyond clear and a joy to witness.

The video is a delightful watch for a number of reasons, so check it out above.