Empress Of Helps Transform A Teen’s Feelings Into Music On ‘One Breath’

Empress Of has popped up here and there since releasing her 2020 album I’m Your Empress Of, and this weekend, she returned with new material: As part of the Sound It Out project, she has released a new song, “One Breath.”

Empress Of explained the premise of the project and the origin of her song for it, writing on Instagram, “OUT TODAY is an album called Sound It Out in which artists speak to kids about how they are feeling and we transform that into music! I spoke to Marianne, a 14 year old Honduran girl who moved to the US with her family. What an incredible moment to share my own story with her and how much I could relate to her and her mother.”

Sound It Out describes the album on its website, “This album is a tool to help you and your kid discover how to use music to explore difficult emotions and experiences. Listen to each track and see how the artists explored their feelings through the lyrics.” They also say of themselves more broadly, “Sound It Out is a new national campaign that uses the power and soul of music to help parents and caregivers better support their middle schooler’s emotional wellness. Created by the Ad Council, in partnership with Pivotal Ventures and a coalition of organizations, the campaign delivers exclusive new music and interviews from some of today’s brightest stars and offers a comprehensive guide to helping kids open up about an array of emotions and situations as well as tools that help make this important process light and interesting.”

Listen to “One Breath” above.

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