Finneas Scrolls Through His Trump-Filled Feed In The ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ Video

Finneas got his big break thanks to his work with sister Billie Eilish, but he’s established a worthwhile solo career for himself as well. The latest fruit of that effort is “Can’t Wait To Be Dead,” a single that he released yesterday and shared a new video for today. The clip shows Finneas scrolling through a social media feed, with the shot sometimes focusing on his reflection, that shows the dominant topics of the year: protests, the election, and the coronavirus pandemic.

Finneas also hosted a livestream leading up to the video’s premiere, during which he played some songs and answered some questions. Towards the end, he also explained the idea behind the “Can’t Wait To Be Dead” video, saying, “When I write songs, I don’t like to write a song that feels like it’s only about one thing, even if it is, because I want every person that listens to it to be able to internalize it and have it translate it to whatever experience they’re going through is. That being said, I think music videos are a fun way to articulate exactly what the song means to you. To me, this song is just about my relationship with the internet, so that’s the premise of this video.”

He also noted that this will not be the last song he releases this year, so keep an eye out for more from Finneas over the next few months.

Watch the “Can’t Wait To Be Dead” video above.