G Flip And Mxmtoon’s Moving ‘Queen’ Video Celebrates Strong Women Everywhere

Both G Flip and Mxmtoon garnered much attention last year after they released their respective anticipated projects. G Flip shared her debut LP About Us while Mxmtoon unveiled the pair of EPs Dawn and Dusk. After sharing mutual admiration for each other’s music, the two singers decided to join together for a breezy collaboration. Tapping producer Rostam, G Flip and Mxmtoon debut the single “Queen” alongside a powerful video.

Directed by Adam Kiers, the “Queen” video is dedicated to strong women everywhere. Explaining her inspiration behind the track, G Flip said:

“‘Queen’ was written about the strong women around me, the queens that raised me and the queens I’ve met through my years. My idea of a queen is not necessarily linked to gender; queens come in all forms and walks of life. To me a queen embodies power and strength; they embrace all they are fiercely yet gracefully. The song was written one sunny day in LA, I was chillin’ on Rostam’s lovely white couch and he turned around to me and said ‘how about we write a song about Queens’ and I replied with ‘f*ck yeah!'”

Echoing G Flip’s excitement about their collaboration Mxmtoon added, “So happy to be a part of ‘Queen’ with G! She and Rostam were such a joy to work with and so so much fun to collaborate with on creative as well. I’m so glad that it’s still possible to make art and music with someone even when they’re on the other side of the world, and I’m lucky that I got the opportunity to feature on G’s song. ‘Queen’ is a power anthem for any person, and I’m so excited for people to love it as much as we do!”

Watch Mxmtoon and G Flip’s “Queen” video above.