Olivia Rodrigo DMed Gayle After The Success Of ‘abcdefu’: ‘She Told Me That I Was Killing It’

Gayle is kicking off 2022 right, with the success of her breakout hit “abcdefu” climbing to the No. 9 spot on the Billboard, and getting a huge boost from going viral on TikTok. And a fellow young songwriter (who also has TikTok to thank for some of their success) apparently reached out to Gayle recently to congratulate her. In a recent interview with Billboard, she revealed that Olivia Rodrigo had DMed her with some kind words.

“Olivia Rodrigo DMed me,” she said. “That was insane. She was just congratulating me on the success of the song. She told me that I was killing it and that was very just nice to hear from her, especially because she’s just such an amazing artist and talented human being.” While “abcdefu” is still climbing the charts, last week Gayle released the new single, “Ur Just Horny,” and is eager to continue making new music and putting it out while she deals with the influx of attention and fame that’s coming her way.

So, does friendliness with Olivia mean a potential collab might be in the works for the two rising pop stars? “I would love to collaborate with Olivia,” Gayle admitted. “I had an opportunity to ask that but I didn’t because, you know, everybody wants to collaborate with Olivia Rodrigo. [It would be ] amazing, but I’m also not going to be like stalking her for it because she knows what she wants to do.”

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out “abcdefu” up above and look out for a lot more from Gayle.