Grimes Teased Her Glitchy, ‘Death Note’-Referencing New Track, ‘Shinigami Eyes’ On Discord

Since last year’s Miss Anthropocene Grimes has been making more headlines for personal reasons than musical ones. Her proximity to Tesla’s Elon Musk, who is the father of her child, has put her in the news for defending him against allegations that he’s “destroying the planet”, and she was part of his recent SNL performance, too. After teasing her appearance, Grimes showed up to play Princess Peach, and praised Elon’s hosting job on the show.

But lately she’s been back to teasing her own work instead of talking about her partner’s, like the snippet of her collaboration with British EDM DJ Chris Lake revealed earlier this month. This week, during a the livestream launch of the Grimes Metaverse Server on Discord, the producer shared another new snippet of a track called “Shinigami Eyes.” The song title is a reference to the anime, Death Note, and we know that Grimes has been playing with the Death Note-referencing phrase for a while because she tweeted about it back in 2019.

So check out the snippet above, which is a little less than a minute, and if you want even more Grimes this weekend take a look at her most recent reason for going viral — some confusing TikTok posts about AI and communism.