Gus Dapperton Gave A Lush Performance Of ‘Post Humorous’ Live From His Apartment

Gus Dapperton captivated audiences with his indie-pop edge on his 2019 debut album Where Polly Goes To Read. After touring the world behind the album, the NYC-based musician is translating all he’s learned on the road into his upcoming sophomore effort Orca. To continue ushering in his next era of music, Dapperton shared a live rendition of his second Orca single “Post Humorous.”

Dapperton reunited with his bandmates to gave the captivating performance from his apartment’s living room. Backed by his full band, Dapperton delivered the single’s poignant lyrics with catharsis: “But I can’t help thinkin’ ’bout the way we loved / I was cancer then, now I can hardly come to terms / Losing her,” he sings.

In a statement, Dapperton reflects on difficult experiences that would eventually serve as inspiration for Orca. “I was unbalanced,” he said. “My lifestyle and habits had gotten extreme. I wasn’t getting eight hours of sleep a night, I was drinking and doing drugs often. Wasn’t eating healthy. And on top of it, I was performing. A show can be the most inspirational, emotional high; but if something goes wrong it can be devastating.”

Dapperton continued that he hopes to present his emotions honestly through songwriting. “I’m a huge advocate for putting myself in vulnerable positions in my music,” he said but admits that confronting these feelings “was a chance to be open that I was afraid of. It was cathartic to put these emotions into music.”

Watch Dapperton perform ‘Post Humorous’ live from his apartment above.

Orca is out 9/18 via AWAL. Pre-order it here.