Gus Dapperton’s Breezy ‘Post Humorous’ Heralds His Sophomore Album ‘Orca’

Gus Dapperton quickly launched into a tour following his 2018 debut record. The lengthy tour ended up being degrading to his mental health and used the time to begin writing music which would eventually comprise his sophomore album. On Wednesday, the singer finally shared a preview of his songwriting with “Post Humorous,” a lyrically moving track that officially announces his next album.

“Post Humorous” features Dapperton’s signature buoyant instrumentals juxtaposed against poignant lyrics which reflect on dealing with death in early childhood. “Yeah, I can’t help thinkin’ ’bout the way we joked / In those funeral homes, yeah, I could only hope / It was appropriate,” Dapperton sings.

The single arrives ahead of Dapperton’s sophomore album, Orca, which is slated for a September release. In a statement, Dapperton reflects on difficult experiences that would eventually serve as inspiration for his songwriting. “I was unbalanced,” Dapperton said. “My lifestyle and habits had gotten extreme. I wasn’t getting eight hours of sleep a night, I was drinking and doing drugs often. Wasn’t eating healthy. And on top of it, I was performing. A show can be the most inspirational, emotional high; but if something goes wrong it can be devastating.”

Dapperton continued that he aims to be unguarded with his emotions through his songwriting. “I’m a huge advocate for putting myself in vulnerable positions in my music,” he said but admits that confronting these feelings “was a chance to be open that I was afraid of. It was cathartic to put these emotions into music.”

Listen to “Post Humorous” above and find Dapperton’s Orca cover art and tracklist below.


1. “Bottle Opener”
2. “First Aid”
3. “Post Humorous”
4. “Bluebird”
5. “Palms”
6. “My Say So” Feat. Chela
7. “Grim”
8. “Antidote”
9. “Medicine”
10. “Swan Song”

Orca is out 9/18 via AWAL. Pre-order it here.