Hailey Bieber Shares Details Of Her And Justin Bieber’s Sex Life

Hailey Bieber visited Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, where the two had a rather intimate conversation about Hailey’s sex life with her husband, Justin Bieber. Throughout the conversation, Cooper and Hailey chatted about turn-ons, positions, and threesomes.

While the listeners may feel as though they got personal with the couple, Hailey revealed that she and Justin don’t intend to bring a third into the bedroom.

“It doesn’t work for the two of us,” Hailey said of the idea of a threesome. “The second you make the decision to do that, there is no going back from that. We work very hard to be in the space that we’re in now, trusting each other. I just don’t think that’s something I would be comfortable with — or him, for that matter.”

Also during the podcast, Hailey shared that she and Justin prefer to do the deed “more so at night.”

But aside from the physical components of their sex life, Hailey said that both she and Justin both need to feel an emotional connection in order to get in the mood.

“We could literally just be laying down talking before [sex],” Hailey said. “[Connection] is really important for him. For me, kissing is a big deal.”

Check out the full interview here.