Haim Declare Bernie Sanders Is Their Fourth Sister While Sharing A Perfect Inauguration Meme

Obviously, the most discussed American politician of the day yesterday was Joe Biden, considering that he was inaugurated as this nation’s latest president. A close second, though, may have been Bernie Sanders, who instantly became a meme thanks to a photo of him at the inauguration. In the picture, he’s sitting in a folding chair with his legs crossed, cozy-mitten-covered hands on his lap, mask on his face, and sporting an overall displeased-seeming demeanor.

As of this post, #BernieSanders is the top trending topic on Twitter, and everybody has been getting in on the fun of placing him in a variety of humorous environments. The Haim sisters took a shot at making a Sanders meme as well, and they delivered.

They shared a photo of him edited onto their Days Are Gone album art, which was a natural fit considering the sisters are already sitting on folding chairs in the image. They caption their post by declaring Sanders an honorary Haim, writing, “y’all always knew @BernieSanders was the 4th sis.”

For those who want to give Sanders memeing a shot, a kind Twitter user made a version of the Bernie image with a transparent background, making it easier to pop him into any image you desire: