Haim’s ‘Hallelujah’ Is A Heartfelt Ode To ‘Love, Loss, Family, And Being Thankful For It All’

Haim‘s track “Hallelujah” debuted Monday alongside an emotive video. The heartfelt track carries different meanings for each of the three sisters but is overall about love and family connectedness.

The video, directed by the renowned Paul Thomas Anderson, embellishes the emotion of the song. According to Danielle Haim, the video was inspired by “sibling telepathy,” or “feeling of knowing what your sibling is gonna do or say before they do it.” She continued that they wanted Anderson to depict what it feels like to have siblings that will “always have your back.”

Overall, the track is about “family, love, loss, and being thankful for it all.” Alana, one-third of the trio, opened up about the meaning of the song on social media, saying it’s a tribute to a good friend who she lost in a car accident several years ago. “It was a loss that changed my life forever,” she wrote. “I had always wanted to pay tribute to her in some way and I could never put how important she was into words. It felt like there were no words in the dictionary to encapsulate how special she was.” Alana ended the message by expressing gratitude to her sisters and family who helped her cope with the loss.

To Este Haim, the song is about coping with chronic illness. The musician said she found out about an illness and felt the most comfortable turning to her sisters Alana and Danielle.

Watch Haim’s video to “Hallelujah” above.