Halsey Dances In Front Of A Fish Tank In The Video To Her Empowering Single ‘Clementine’

Grammy-nominated singer Halsey has been gearing up for an album release by sharing a handful of singles. After creating buzz about her new music, the singer has announced the release date of her upcoming record, Manic, and shared a new track with an accompanying video as celebration. Halsey put forth the stripped-down single “Clementine” and performs a choreographed dance in the subsequent video.

Directed by Dani Vitale and Anton Tammi, Halsey called upon her brother Sevian Frangipane to assist in an evocative choreographed dance number inside an aquarium. Wearing matching white jumpsuits, Halsey and Sevian play off each other’s energy in the video over the emotionally charged single.

Co-written with John Cunningham, “Clemintine” is Halsey’s bittersweet means of reflecting on her life in the limelight. She sings of a life she imagines in her head, one where she isn’t recognized on the street. “And in my world, the people on the street don’t know my name / In my world, I’m seven feet tall / And the boys always call, and the girls do too,” she sings.

Along with sharing a new video, Halsey announced her forthcoming album will arrive shortly before a world tour. The singer will make several stops through Europe and the United Kingdom.

Manic is out 1/17/2020 via Capitol Records. Pre-order it here.