Harry Styles Reached A Huge Spotify Milestone With ‘Watermelon Sugar’ And Fans Are Thrilled

It’s not easy to have a song reach a billion plays on Spotify, but now a new artist has been welcomed into the club of performers who have pulled it off: Today, Harry Styles’ hit single “Watermelon Sugar” has apparently topped a billion plays. As of this post, the Spotify play count for the song is at 999,056,008 on my desktop Spotify app, so either my count isn’t updated or the song will very soon eclipse a billion. Regardless, Styles fans are celebrating the feat, as both “PROUD OF HARRY” and #1BWatermelonSugar were trending topics on Twitter today.

Meanwhile, “Adore You” has surpassed 700 million plays today to become his third most-played song, just after “Sign Of The Times,” which has over 750 million plays.

Introducing the song before playing it during his Tiny Desk concert back in March 2020, Styles described how it came to be, saying, “[I wrote ‘Watermelon Sugar’] in 2017, while I was on tour for the first album. I was in Nashville on my day off, and we went into the studio just to kind of play around a little bit. We started some ideas and then I was with the guys that I made the first album with and we had this idea, this chorus melody, it was pretty repetitive […] This song became ‘Watermelon Sugar.’ It’s probably the longest it’s ever taken me to finish a song.”