Harry Styles Reluctantly Performed A Crosswalk Concert On ‘The Late Late Show’

After hosting The Late Late Show on Tuesday night, Harry Styles passed the reigns off to Anthony Anderson, who took over hosting duties for Wednesday’s episode while James Corden is temporarily away. Styles wasn’t finished with the program just yet, though, as he returned last night for one more segment, in which he, after some prodding, performed a concert in a crosswalk.

This is a play off a segment Corden sometimes does on the show, where he and some guests put on a musical in the crosswalk of a busy street. Inherently, performing in a crosswalk has some limitations, like the fact that the light indicating it’s safe to be in the street is only on for about half a minute at a time. Still, the two made it happen.

They started by handing out flyers for the show to people stuck in traffic, with Styles halfheartedly telling one driver, “Hello, there’s a show today, don’t know why.” Once the show got going, though, it was a spectacle. Once the light turned on, a stage, complete with Styles’ name in lights behind him, was rolled into the middle of the street, and between that and the increasingly showy performances that followed, it seemed like not the worst way to sit through a red light.

Watch the performance above.