Somebody Threw A Skittles Candy At Harry Styles During A Concert And Hit Him Right In The Eye

During an October concert, Harry Styles got hit in the crotch by a flying object. Now, fans are continuing to hurl things on stage: At his Los Angeles show on November 14, Styles got hit right in the eye by a Skittles candy.

Video of the between-songs incident shows Styles gesturing to the crowd before recoiling pretty drastically at the apparent impact, then wincing and rubbing his eye as he continued to acknowledge his fans.

As The Independent notes, Styles frequently touched or rubbed his eye and was often squinting for the remainder of the show. The publication also reports that Pauli Lovejoy, a member of Styles’ band, confirmed on Instagram Live that it was a Skittles candy that struck Styles. She said Styles is fine but noted, “Do me a favor: don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”

Fans were pretty upset with the Skittle thrower, like one who tweeted, “don’t throw sh*t onstage that’s going to hurt him what the actual f*ck is the point of throwing skittles bro harry styles is not going to eat your random f*cking dirty skittles stop it.”

Meanwhile, Styles is one of the most-nominated artists at the 2023 Grammys, as it was revealed yesterday he had picked up seven nominations.