Harry Styles Fans Are Literally Risking Their Safety To Get Barricade At His Shows

Concert camping culture seems to only be getting worse and worse these days. Take the recent story of two Harry Styles fans making a video about waiting in line in a parking lot for nearly a month to see him. A new outrageous scenario has arisen as of tonight, November 8, after a Twitter user shared a video of people in tents outside during a storm to see the “As It Was” singer at the Kia Forum in California tomorrow.

The clip shows the tents blowing in the intense winds, getting soaked under a downpour that doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon. Most of the reactions to this are fans expressing frustration that other fans are willing to risk getting sick and then spread that sickness at the show — a totally fair argument.

Unfortunately, Styles’ fans can often be inconsiderate and just plain odd. In August, an audience member chucked a chicken nugget at the singer, to which he responded, “Interesting, very interesting approach.” When a chant broke out encouraging him to eat it, he said, “I don’t eat chicken, sorry. I don’t eat meat.”

Tomorrow’s show will be his first show since postponing three of his Los Angeles shows due to having the flu.