Harry Styles Got Hit Right In The Crotch On Stage And Understandably Needed A Moment To Collect Himself

If America’s Funniest Home Videos (which is still on the air, by the way) ever did a special episode consisting of funniest concert videos, a clip from Harry Styles’ October 14 concert at Chicago’s United Center would surely make the cut.

A fan-shot video from the event shows Styles chit-chatting with the crowd about the cold weather. As he does, some sort of small blue object comes flying into the frame, colliding directly with Styles’ “peen” and bouncing off. Styles stopped mid-sentence, offered a pained “oh,” and doubled over for a few seconds, his hand on his thigh. Eventually, he declared, “Well, that’s unfortunate.” He then gave both of his legs a shake and carried on with the show.

Styles isn’t the first artist to get objects thrown at them during a show. In August, Lady Gaga was hit in the head by a doll of a Mexican pharmacy chain mascot, which has become a tradition at Mexican concerts since 2021. Meanwhile, in July, when Kid Cudi was on stage at the Rolling Loud festival, so many things were being thrown at him that he issued a warning to the crowd: “I will f*cking leave. If I get hit with one more f*cking thing — if I see one more f*cking thing on this f*cking stage, I’m leaving!” Sure enough, another object was thrown and Cudi left.