One Of Harry Styles’ ‘Love On Tour’ Vans Was Hijacked At Gunpoint In Brazil

While Brazilians all over the country are reeling following the national soccer team’s heartbreaking World Cup quarterfinal loss to Croatia, perhaps some rogue citizens objected to Harry Styles’ support of the Argentina squad and took matters into their own hands? I kid, but Brazil and Argentina are fierce soccer rivals and one of Styles’ Love On Tour vans was hijacked at gunpoint early Friday morning in Brazil, as reported by Brazilian outlet G1.

According to the report, the driver told authorities that three armed men robbed the van. Styles was not in the van, as this particular vehicle was carrying merch to be sold at his next show. The robbery happened in Campina Grande do Sul, just outside of the Curitiba metropolitan center in the state of Paraná. Styles is scheduled to play in Curitiba on Saturday, December 10th.

The concert promoter told G1 that while the van was headed to the Pedreira Paulo Leminski venue, that gear, instruments, and — most importantly — the talent, were not travelling to the venue by van. They also added that new merch was being shipped to the venue in Curitiba in time for the Saturday show. It’s a highly prudent decision to not have stars like Styles travelling on Brazilian highways, as hijackings and kidnappings are far more common than they should be in the South American country.