BTS’ J-Hope Shares His Fiery New Video For ‘Arson’

The J-Hope era has officially begun. After announcing his debut album at the end of June and leading off with the single “More,” the 28-year-old has now shared the “Arson” video. J-Hope raps along with the track as he walks past cars, motorcycles, chairs and other items that have been set ablaze.

This record is one of 10 appearing on J-Hope’s debut album Jack In The Box. Last week, he released the aforementioned single “More” with an accompanying video. This foray makes J-Hope the first BTS member to release a solo project after the group announced a hiatus a while back, an announcement that rendered the need for them to clarify that BTS is not breaking up but rather each member will explore their own solo ventures.

This announcement followed their 35-track anthology project Proof that came out in June, so the brief hysteria surrounding a breakup was understandable. However, J-Hope leading the charge simply means listeners will be able to experience BTS in a new, more individualistic way. Time will tell how J-Hope and his fellow members’ solo projects will be received, but given their success, this could simply boost their profiles. J-Hope is also slated to be one of the headliners for the 2022 Lollapalooza Festival taking place July 28-31 in Chicago.

Check out J-Hope’s new record “Arson” above.

Jack In The Box is available now via Big Hit Music. Listen to it here.