Here’s What Jack Antonoff Had To Say About Producing The Ten-Minute Version Of ‘All Too Well’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then the knowledge that Taylor Swift is slowly but steadily re-recording and re-releasing her back catalogue has probably made its way to your brain. But all the weird time lapses and crossovers that are going to result from this probably hasn’t sunk in yet. Like, for example, with the re-release of Red as “Taylor’s Version”, the fact that though Taylor and Jack Antonoff didn’t start working together until 1989, on this new version of Red, Antonoff would absolutely be present because he’s now become one of Taylor’s go-to producers.

For his part, Antonoff was as humble and deferential to Taylor and her brilliance as he always is, excitedly tweeting along with fans and fellow Swifties about his excitement over the new music. He had quite high praise for the ten-minute version of “All Too Well,” too, which has already been deemed heavenly by Taylor Nation. “Honor of a lifetime to produce the 10 minute version of ‘all too well,'” he wrote. Following that up with a few more tweets: “As well as ‘babe’ and ‘forever winter’ …. but ATW needed it’s [sic] own tweet. Love you taylor and love these beautiful re records – go listen to REDtv.”

That about says it all! Check out the ten-minute version of “All Too Well” up top — and don’t miss Taylor performing it on SNL this weekend, either.