Jack Antonoff Asks Stubhub To Disallow Price Gouging On Bleachers Tickets, And Donate To Ally Coalition

Bleachers bandleader and constant pop star collaborator Jack Antonoff just announced a new album and a massive tour behind it. Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night is shaping up to be an excellent third album from Bleachers, with early singles featuring none other than Bruce Springsteen (!), “45” almost hearkening back to the Steel Train days, and the newest track, “Stop Making This Hurt” officially clocking in as their best song since “I Want To Get Better.” Check out the video above if you haven’t seen it yet.

Today, however, Antonoff had the band’s upcoming tour strongly on his mind — and the fact that price gouging on Stubhub has become such an epidemic it often prohibits fans from being able to afford to attend the show. What happens is bands release tickets for shows, they’re bought up by scalpers, and re-sold for massive markups. It’s always been a terrible scourge on the live music industry, but after eighteen months without shows, economic downfall for so many artists, and a general re-centering of priorities, artists like Antonoff have had enough.

“Dear Stubhub,” he began a lengthy Twitter thread this morning. “I will never understand why you are legal (let alone ethical), but since I cannot find a way to stop you from selling my tickets for WAY more than i feel comfortable with – would you consider donating a portion of your mark up to the Ally Coalition? A dollar from every @bleachersmusic
ticket sold goes to the Ally Coalitions. Can you do the math and donate based on your markup? Lastly, the price we sell our tickets for is very carefully considered based on the respect we have for our audience. Please do not gouge these people. Sell the tickets for a reasonable price and match our donations.”

After his initial tweets, Jack later added that he was blown away by fan’s reaction and support of the tour: “And now to you guys- overwhelmed by the response to the tour. Can’t wait to see everyone out there. Love you very much.”

Before clarifying a few more thoughts on the Stubhub process, and tagging the company’s president to double down on his request that Bleachers ticket sale prices not be gouged on the re-selling platform.

“What I am asking for is this: Don’t want my tickets marked up at all. If someone can’t make the show and wants to resell at its face value that’s cool, but no gouging. Asking
@stubhub @sukhindersingh to not let Bleachers tickets be sold over ticket price. I’d be fine with you guys taking a small fee as the service that lets people resell tickets if they can’t make a show. But what’s happening is a scam and we can do much better, can’t we?”

It’s admirable to watch an artist speak up for their fans this directly, and here’s hoping Stubhub responds in kind.