Jack Antonoff Explains How Taylor Swift Is ‘Changing The Music Industry’

2021 is a big year for Jack Antonoff, given his involvement with new projects from Lana Del Rey, Clairo, and Lorde, as well as his own new Bleachers album, Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night, which was released today. He’s the subject of a new NME profile, and in it, he explains how Taylor Swift is “changing the music industry.”

He said:

“I’ve seen her change the music industry first-hand. She’s amazing for being a champion and making things better for the generations to come. She has a long history of rightly exposing some real darkness in the music industry. And I’m personally thankful for it, outside of our friendship and working relationship, just as an artist. She’s asked me some questions a lot of people are afraid to ask: ‘Why is this OK?’ ‘Why is it OK to treat an artist like this?’ ‘Why is it OK to exercise ownership over things that someone makes from their heart and soul? Why?’ And the answer is always the same: because that’s how it’s been. And that’s why it’s amazing if someone like her comes along and says, ‘Well, hold on: why?'”

He also offered some kind words about some of this other collaborators, like Del Rey, of whom he said, “What I love about working with Lana is that there’s so much more humor in their music than I think people understand.” He also called Clairo “one of our great artists” and noted, “It can’t be understated, the level of her work and her writing.”

Check out the full feature here.

Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night is out now via RCA. Get it here.