Jessie Ware Announces A Deluxe Edition Of ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ With The Dance-Ready ‘Please’

Disco had a huge impact on music in 2020, and one of the finest examples of that was Jessie Ware’s album What’s Your Pleasure?. The record helped people dance through a tough year and she’s returning this year with more where that came from: Today, Ware announced What’s Your Pleasure? (Platinum Pleasure Edition), a deluxe edition of the album that introduces eight additional tracks to the album. Ware previewed the new material today with “Please,” a fun and kinetic tune that fits right in with the dance-ready mood of the album.

Ware says of the deluxe album and of “Please,” “I had such an amazing response to the What’s Your Pleasure? record that I didn’t want the lights to go up and the party to be over just yet! ‘Please’ is full of optimism and ready to be played in a place where we can all be together and flirt, dance, touch, and kiss. A wonderful excuse not to stop the party from ending.”

Listen to “Please” above and check out the What’s Your Pleasure? (Platinum Pleasure Edition) tracklist below.

1. “Spotlight ”
2. “What’s Your Pleasure?”
3. “Ooh La La”
4. “Soul Control”
5. “Save A Kiss”
6. “Adore You”
7. “In Your Eyes”
8. “Step Into My Life”
9. “Read My Lips”
10. “Mirage (Don’t Stop)”
11. “The Kill”
12. “Remember Where You Are”
13. “Please”
14. “Impossible”
15. “Eyes Closed”
16. “Overtime”
17. “Hot N Heavy”
18. “Pale Blue Light”
19. “0208 (feat. Kindness)”
20. “Adore You (Endless Remix)

What’s Your Pleasure? (Platinum Pleasure Edition) is out 6/11 via PMR Records/Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records. Pre-order it here.