Jessie Ware’s ‘Remember Where You Are’ Video Is A Cathartic Love Letter To Bustling Cities

Jessie Ware released her dancefloor-ready album What’s Your Pleasure? last June, one of several disco revival LPs that debuted in 2020. Now following up on the project, Ware taps her doppelganger, actor Gemma Arterton, to star in a cathartic video alongside the What’s Your Pleasure? album closer “Remember Where You Are.”

The visual, shot on Valentine’s Day in London, depicts Arterton roaming around the empty streets of London. Speaking about the concept behind the visual, Gemma Arterton told BBC that inspiration stuck while walking in the park:

“I was walking around listening to it in the park, and I thought about how amazing is that in London, at the moment, there’s no-one around, especially at night-time, and how unique that is in the history of London. I don’t think there’s ever been a time where there’s been no cars, no buses, no people – even during the wars. I thought, we’ll never have this opportunity to shoot this again. And although the song wasn’t written specifically about the pandemic, it serendipitously felt like an anthem of hope in the middle of the third lockdown.”

“I didn’t really know what to expect because I hadn’t been in central London during the night-time for about a year,” Arterton continued. “And it was really sad but at the same time, kind of beautiful to see these iconic streets that have always been so populated – Carnaby Street and Regent Street – just having literally nothing and nobody on them. Also we shot the video on Valentine’s Day, which is the night when usually people go out for dinner and people are everywhere. It was kind of poignant, yet so beautiful, and hopefully it’s a bit of a love letter to our city.”

Watch Ware’s “Remember Where You Are” video above.

What’s Your Pleasure? is out now via Virgin. Get it here.