Jimmy Fallon Told The Rejection-Filled Tale Of Trying To Borrow Pianos From Both Elton John And Billy Joel

Jimmy Fallon’s day job (or perhaps more accurately, night job) is hosting The Tonight Show, but he forays into music sometimes, too. He and Dolly Parton recently shared the single “Almost Too Early For Christmas,” for example. So, once upon a time, when he was moving into a new home, he wanted to get a piano for it. However, he struck out while asking to borrow one from Elton John, then again with Billy Joel.

He told the tale on The Tonight Show: During his interview with Bruce Springsteen yesterday (November 14), Fallon asked The Boss if people ever ask him for guitars and if he obliges. The answers were yes and no, respectively. This led to Fallon’s story, which went:

“I had just moved into a new house with my wife and kids, and we don’t have a piano. So I go, ‘You know, I bet you Elton John has got a bunch of pianos sitting around storage, right?’ So I go, ‘Elton, I’m moving to this house. If you want, I can borrow it. I will always give it back, it will be your piano. But at least I’ll give it some love and get it out of the storage.’ He said no. But he goes, ‘But, you know, thanks. I don’t give out pianos.’ But then I asked Billy Joel as well… and he said no.”

Check out the interview clip above.