Justin Bieber Is Now The Youngest Artist To Reach A Major Chart Milestone, Beating Drake

The top 10 spots of the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated July 24) were revealed yesterday, and the main story was BTS’ “Permission To Dance” replacing the group’s own “Butter” in the No. 1 spot. It was also a good week for Justin Bieber, though, as his and The Kid Laroi’s “Stay” debuted at No. 3.

That’s an impressive first week, but how it fits into Bieber’s historical context is an even bigger deal: It’s Bieber’s 100th song to appear on the Hot 100. Therefore, Bieber is now the youngest artist to have 100 songs appear on the Hot 100 chart, as “Stay” pushed him into triple digits when he was 27 years and four months old. The previous record-holder was Drake, who got his 100th Hot 100 hit when he was 28 years and 11 months old in 2015. Bieber is the 11th artist with at least 100 songs on the Hot 100, following Drake (who has 235 of them), Glee (207), Lil Wayne (174), Taylor Swift (137), Future (123), Nicki Minaj (118), Elvis Presley (109), Kanye West (109), Chris Brown (103), and Jay-Z (102).

This comes after Bieber had a big weekend in Las Vegas, as he managed to perform three concerts in just 24 hours. He also made an appearance on the Friends reunion special a couple months ago, but Chinese viewers didn’t get to see him.